Monday, September 2, 2013

One Year Later - the Sparkler Shines Bright!

Today I was browsing on Club Tread's thread and noticed a post by Guntis about Capilano Mountain. See the report here: .  It caught my attention as it was atop this mountain that I enjoyed my 50th birthday party almost exactly one year ago with my bagging buddies. One of the photos made me catch my breathe - it was this one! In the photo above is one of the sparklers we had at my birthday party! I found it very moving that it was still at the top of the mountain and had survived the winter at 5,560 feet. Now we always try to pack out what we take in so please don't think we littered but I guess we inadvertently left this one behind....must have been the good wine:) 
Here I am with the sparkler lit, one year ago!
 Dave, Liza, myself, Craig and Wendy enjoying the party! Neil took the photo.

 My great bagging buddies packed in all the party favours (including the sparklers - thanks Wendy!), a very nice red wine, homemade chocolate brownies with caramel sauce, chips and salsa - everything to make it a smashing party!
They even dressed me in crown jewels and Dame Edna glasses!
As with all good summer birthday parties - we went for a swim. Even with the party hats on!

Long may you remain at the top of Capilano dear sparkler - our shining light looking down on us all. I hope to celebrate with you again - perhaps for my 60th!



  1. 50 is a good number. 60 would be even better. Dodgy better keep Bagging to stay in shape!

  2. I miss you! Let's meet at the Cathedral. =;-)

  3. Yes - let's do that! First clear day - hopefully after a frost to make the nasty wasps go away.