Tuesday, July 29, 2014

A Great Day on the Howe Sound Crest Trail - Thomas, David, James and Harvey.

Saturday morning the plan was in place. Pick Chris up at 5:30 AM, Dave at 6:00 AM, Craig at 6:30 and on the trail by 7:00 AM. But like all good plans they are made to be broken. Dave emailed early - he was out and when we arrived to pick up Craig he was no where to be seen at the designated pick up spot. After waiting 30 minutes and sending countless messages and phone calls we decided to carry on to the trail head. Just when we started we heard that Craig was on his way - he thought his pick up time was 7:00 AM -oops!
We waited for Craig to appear before we set off with the start time now being 8AM. We were pleased that Craig caught up with us as he is the one seeking the completest list this year in the Bagger Challenge. Neil, Dave and I finished last year. Our new member of Team Dodgy who was keen to try a few bags is our Aussie relative Chris who has recently moved back to Vancouver from Maryland, USA. This was a good welcome back to Vancouver Chris outing!
We started at the Binkert Trail which starts as a fire access road and soon turns into the woods for a steady climb up. Once up and in the open we could hear music, we came upon a female who was playing a Joni Mitchell song on her guitar. What a nice greeting as we broke out of the forest. Only in BC!
Chris and I celebrating the first peak of the day, Thomas Peak - 1430 meters.  Craig's on his phone - he's got cell reception!
For a few moments clouds appeared over the Lions but thankfully they went away as quickly as they appeared.
Another Peak! James Peak, 1466 meters. Craig, myself and Chris.
Neil, Craig and myself James Peak.
Almost on top of David Peak,1496 meters. The stone is a bit red in colour.
Incredible views.
 The top of Mt. Harvey, 1650 meters. Pointing out our next bagging outing route!

Beautiful views of Howe Sound from the top of Mt. Harvey.

Chris on Mt. Harvey - taking it all in!
 Way to go Craig for getting 3 peaks closer to becoming a completest in the Bagger Challenge. Congratulations to Chris for completing his first 3 peaks in the Bagger Challenge. Great day out team...despite the unscheduled start early in the morning. Looking forward to the next bagging outing. I'm sure our quads will take the next one a little better.


  1. Very Dodgy MooreJuly 31, 2014 at 7:08 AM

    News Flash: Very Dodgy Moore retains his moniker with a Very Dodgy Start to the day ... though he fails at reading an important email he 'accels' on the downhills.

    That was a quad burner alright. But oh those views! And lots of others out there doing what we enjoy so much. Which peak is next???

  2. VDM: that was a Very Dodgy Start to the day! Looks like we must get up there somewhere this weekend. The weather is so great for bagging, how can we not! Let us know when you are available to complete your final few peaks. We are there for you!