Monday, August 4, 2014

Grouse Mountain, Goat Mountain, Little Goat Mountian and Dam Mountain

Saturday morning Neil, Chris, Kendall and I hit the Grouse Mountain Peaks. I always appreciate how close these peaks are to each other. It was a morning outing with lunch at the Chalet.
This is Neil and Chris on Goat - the first Peak of the day.
 On our way to Goat Mountain.
 It has some nice technical sections.
Go Kendall !
My turn! 
Chris, Kendall and I - Neil is up ahead waiting for us for the final climb up Grouse Mountain. The weather here in the Vancouver area has been spectacular. Very warm! Not so great for our canine friends who must keep cool. Happy Bagging! 


  1. Well done Baggers. I guess this means that Chris is fully back in action and not put off by the humanity of it all. And now Kendall gets to feel how special it is to be Dodgy. Looks like you had a great day out there.

  2. We did have a great day out there and the quads have healed! Looking forward to introducing them to more dodginess on the trails and helping you complete the peaks.