Monday, June 29, 2015

A Quick Trip to Ottawa

Neil had a few days of work in Ottawa this past week. I went along on the trip to enjoy our nations Capital. This is the Peace Tower at the centre of Canada's parliament building.  The city was preparing for the Canada Day celebrations on July 1st. It was fun to be there with the celebrations ramping up. 
In the evenings we enjoyed the sunsets along the Rideau Canal. 
During the day I enjoyed riding a bike along the canals. 
They have these nice chutes for getting your bike down the stairs on the canal. 
Here's me crossing at one of the locks.  All the locks (of which there are many) are hand operated by Parks Canada employees.  
We also enjoyed a few runs along the canal. Last time we were here it was winter and we skated on the canal at minus 20!  How the seasons change! 
We arrived back to Vancouver Saturday night and climbed Mt. Seymour on Sunday. It's become our new local work out. It was really hot, 30 degrees at the parking lot at Mt. Seymour when we started. It was so dry and hot. Not many other folk out there! Kinda crazy of us!! 
Here's a view with Vancouver below. British Columbia is very hot and dry for the end of June. Forest fires are a concern with such high temperatures and dry conditions. 

We are looking forward to the Canada Day celebrations and fire works on Wed, July 1st. 
Happy Canada Day!!  🎉

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