Monday, June 22, 2015

Whistler and a Vancouver Weekend

We enjoyed 3 nights at Whistler to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. A somewhat more civilized and relaxing celebration compared to the 100km trail event we did together last week. We came upon this bear while out for a bike ride. The bear acknowledged we were there with a shake of his head and then carried on with his tongue hanging out of his mouth. He/she must have been on a scent! 
Lost Lake bike trails - endless fun! 

Dogs are welcome at the Fairmont Chateau - Fergus was a hit with the hotel staff. They treated him with biscuits at every opportunity. Fergus is requesting a return visit! 
This past weekend we enjoyed a Vancouver weekend. Here's Dave, Neil and I on Mt. Seymour the granite mass that towers over Vancouver. It is a steady work out from the parking lot up to 4,754 ft. It is fabulous on a good day but nasty in poor weather. I think I will add it to my "clear sky day" work outs this summer! However, in winter, it's great for snowshoeing too! 
Here's Dave and I taking in the unique granite formations. The granite is fun to climb over. The surface feels "sticky" underfoot making it seem "non slip" on dry days. 
Once back to sea level we enjoyed a bike ride on the sea wall around Stanley Park in the afternoon. 
And then a nice dinner out was a perfect way to end a great Vancouver day. Coal Harbour at night with the sea plane terminal in the foreground. 
Sunday we went for a run on the sea wall. 
It was windy but the breeze was refreshing. It has been quite warm for the month of June. The forecast continues to be looking good! Hope you are making the most of this first week of summer! 

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