Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Trip to Lethbridge, Alberta

Work brings Neil to Lethbridge, Alberta a few times a year. This trip I decided to tag along. Lethbridge is located in southern Alberta, only one hour north of the Alberta/Montana (USA) border and a one hour drive to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. We flew to Calgary, rented a car and drove 2.5 hours south to Lethbridge. I've been here a few times before but this trip we hit a nice weather window of not too hot or too cold, no bugs, no wasps, no snakes (Neil got hit by a bull snake once in an ultra event here). I enjoyed my days of exploring. The first day I did a few loops of Henderson Lake a man-made lake in the center of town. 
Henderson Lake. It has a nice pathway all the way around it. 
In the evening Neil joined me to refresh my memory of the Lost Souls Ultra route. It starts and finishes near this rail bridge which is the highest and longest of its type in the world. The next day I enjoyed an outing on a section of the course. 
The trail takes you under the bridge. Glad a train was not on it when I crossed under it! 
The trail is a dirt path through desert like conditions. Nice to see where you are heading! 
The wild flowers were blooming. The butterfly landed just when I took the photo! 
I spotted a few cactuses along the way. 
The trail has lots of ups and downs that are short and steep. These can be slippery in wet/muddy conditions. 
I came upon a few of these ant hills on the side of the trail. They freaked me out! They were active with ants running in and out. I was itchy for the rest of the day! 
The trail also has some switch backs, bridges and stairs. 
Neil joined me for a nice evening stroll by the "Old Man River". He was showing me some of the Lost Souls route. It really gets very isolated quite quickly. 
Nice view of the river and the hills. Overall a great trip to southern Alberta, I'll have to tag along again on another trip! 

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