Sunday, May 8, 2016

Cheakamus Lake "Run"

Friday I convinced Neil to start his weekend early and we managed a 10km run on the Baden Powell Trail and Old Buck. I love being on the trails during the week, beats a day in an office! We saw very few people. 
Saturday we did a trail run to Cheakamus Lake which was 16km return. The trail is so lovely and runnable. We went to the end of the trail at Singing Creek campground. The trail literally stops with thick bush remaining in front of you. 
Neil was trying out new trail shoes, New Balance. 
This post marks an important junction in the trail. Straight ahead to Cheakamus Lake, turn right to Garabaldi Lake. Once the snow has receded high in the mountains we plan to do a team dodgy outing to Garibaldi Lake and then down to the Garibadi Lake trailhead by the highway. A 24 km outing in all through some spectacular BC scenery and a "must do" for any outdoor enthusiast. 
There are a few sandy beaches along the  trail. The lake is a beautiful turquoise color and very cold! The lake is at 915 meters surrounded by mountains that tower to 1,600 meters above its thickly forested shoreline. 
This is the Singing Creek campground where the trail ends. Nice place to spend some time! 
This week I caught a view of the British Airways Airbus A380 super jumbo jet that is now flying daily from London to Vancouver for the summer season. It looks big!! 

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