Monday, July 25, 2016

Living with Wildlife in your Garden

Today I was watering our vegetable garden when I had that eiry feeling that something was starring at me. Oh ya, look who was checking me and the vegetables out! I threw my watering can and ran like the wind into the house. 
Once in the house I found Fergus under the table (this was a first). He had perhaps sensed he should "duck and cover"! 
Fergus spent the remainder of the day on his perch "on guard" and woofing! 
Tonight we barbequed salmon on the patio, I was a wee bit concerned it would bring the bear back. However, there was no bear appearance but we did make a hasty retreat from the patio when a pack ("band") of coyotes appeared a few feet off the end of the patio. Wow...what a day of living with the local wildlife. It was our first warm and very humid day for a few weeks, 32 C, 85% humidity. Perhaps this had something to do with the wildlife activity? 

Besides the interactions with the bear and coyotes I enjoyed my run today where everything was in good working order and I felt like I could run forever! Perhaps the high humidity and warm temperatures contributed to this. Or maybe the spin class prior to the run warmed me up nicely. 

Be mindful of the wildlife out there on the trails. It's an active time of year for them as they take advantage of the plentiful wild berries and unfortunately, apples from our tree and veggies from the garden!