Wednesday, August 3, 2016

BC Day Long Weekend!

This past weekend was the BC Day Long Weekend. A lot was happening in Vancouver with the finale of the Celebration of Light and many Pride events including the parade on Sunday. 
Friday we had a nice run around the Vancouver seawall. The weather was perfect with sunny skies @ 25 C. 
Saturday morning we did a run at Hayward Lake one of our favorite local trails. 
Saturday night we were back in the city to enjoy the fireworks from the condo roof top. Aprox 500,000 people filled Vancouver beaches to view the fireworks. 
Sunday we enjoyed a stroll on the seawall with Kendall and Chris and baby Fraser. Here we are stopped in Stanley Park under a tree. We enjoyed lunch at the Stanley Park grill. 
Monday Neil and I hiked up Mt. Seymour. There were plenty of cars in the parking lot but we hardly saw anyone. They must have all stayed lower down and went to Dog Mountain. Great weather all weekend! Happy BC Day! 


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