Saturday, November 14, 2009

Club Fat Ass - Go Deep!

Today Neil and I joined up with Club Fat Ass for the run "Go Deep". Cheryl a long time running friend is the host of this event so we always make an effort to participate in it. It was great to have a run with both Cheryl and Rhonda. Good conversation on the out and back and great to catch up with their lives. One of those classic outings of special people, good conversation and some good exercise! The run starts in Deep Cove in North Vancouver and does a steep climb for a long way - we ran into our first snowfall of the season! Today we only had a couple of hours so we cut the run short and do what the Fat Ass Club calls a "custom" - we did 2 hours. Our cat Kitty (who is in his 20th year!) has been diagnosed with Pancreatitis. He was not a happy cat and Neil took him to the small animal Veterinarian on Thursday. He has been hospitalized since then. Neil said to Kitty tonight when we were visiting him - staying over in the animal hospital is just like being at camp! Fortunately, the treatments seem to be working so hopefully Kitty will return home soon! Flood warnings issued for the next few days due to the snowfall in the mountains and high rainfall predicted for the next few days!

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  1. Glad that Kitty's treatment is doing its job. I would have loved to run with you yesterday, but I had it all wrong as I thought you were in front of us. Anyway, I took it easy with newbie Heather, as otherwise the two of us would have both run alone. We had a great run. I always enjoy the trails this time of the year. could have done without the icy bits, though. I ended up falling - hard - on a steep rocky part on Dirty Diapers. Whacked my elbow and wrist into the rocks. Nice bruise ;-) But luckily the legs were fine and I could continue, hahaha. See you next week at the Foloish Gerbil.