Saturday, November 7, 2009

Crewing for A 100km Road Run - Haney to Harrison!

Today Neil and I had the pleasure of crewing our local 100km road race - Haney to Harrison for Andy Bachmann. It was Andy's 5th consecutive year he has participated in this event. As all you Ultra Runners out there know...100km on the road - Nasty!! It is Canada's National 100km Road Championship. Last year Andy finished 2nd in this event. He has many top ultra finishes in his accomplishments. Last week when we were in Calgary I emailed Andy...are you doing the 100km road event?...the entry closes in 4 hours! He signed up. Neil has completed this event 5 years in a row and decided to take this year off from it. Andy wanted to do the same...5 years consecutively! This event is well known for the weather. When you sign up - you sign up for wet, wet, wet! Today it lived up to it's reputation! Enjoy the Video Clips that capture the highlights of the day and the demanding funny moments of crewing for an Ultra Runner! Well done Andy...ouch! 9hrs 48mins. Amazing for a guy who likes to ride his bike and only did 2 road runs in training for this beast! Of course I can not mention Andy's achievements without highlighting his most incredible support Anke and their 5 children. Andy and Anke also run a dairy every time I have a moment when I think oh...I'm busy...can't run for a few days...I think of the Bachmannn's and all that they accomplish and I get myself out there!

Instructions from the runner at the start...ALL BETS ARE OFF IF IT RAINS! :) It poured rain all day ! 5 degrees and Windy!

At about 3-4 hours in...Andy wants Licorice and Coke! Neil forgot to turn off the video and he questions? Did he say Licorice...that's a first! Thankfully we found the Licorice in his supplies!

A Classic...a request for coffee with cream at the finish line!He had completed aprox 92km at this point with 8 km to go

Thankfully we found a place that had coffee! Congratulations Andy...Welcome to the H2H 100km 5 Year Consecutive Club! Amazing!


  1. Congrats on your 5th year in the H2H! Well Done! This was my first, but hopefully not my last. I had a great time, even with the weather. Hope to see there next year.

    Renee from Poco (#24)

  2. Hi Carolyn,

    Appreciate you putting this up. The video's are great. Talk to you soon.

    Renee Caesar,
    Thanks for the kind words.

    Gotta go