Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Night with Craig Ferguson

Today Neil and I met Wendy and Sibylle for a run on the Dirty Duo route. We met at Jaycee House (well sort of ;-) and did the route in reverse. We were out there exploring the trails for ~ 4hours. Sibylle took the road back near the end (well sort of) but was not there when we finished. We were a bit concerned and Wendy went searching while Neil and I stayed at the car. Sibylle decided to join back onto the trail as the road was a bit boring. She appeared at the car while Wendy was out looking for her on the road. To top off the day 3 out of 4 of us go to the wrong coffee shop post run. Wendy was waiting patiently where we really had decided to go! Never a dull outing! Very mild again this weekend with little chance of snow in the forecast. Yikes - Cypress Mtn is almost bare and they are trucking in snow and bales of straw to construct the site for the Winter Olympic free style skiing and snow boarding. The downhill and other events are taking place at Whistler and it has plenty of snow. The Olympic torch has now arrived in British Columbia working it's way to Vancouver. Our niece Kendall is busy rehearsing for the opening ceremonies and our brother in law is preparing for driving the VIP's around the city. The Canadian Forces have arrived for Olympic security- it is the largest Canadian security by the armed forces in history. Neil and I plan to stay as close to home as possible and watch the events on TV.
Tonight we spent the evening with our favourite and perhaps one of your favourite Scottish comedians - Craig Ferguson. The show has been sold out for weeks but Neil managed to get tickets on Craig's List that were fantastic! We were in the 4th row from the front and we even made eye contact with him a few times. During the show a women in the audience started to vomit and her husband got the attention of the security, she was escorted out the stage door and the doctor went running by with his bag of tricks. Craig handled the situation well and of course managed to pull together concern for her with a little humour about that being a first and how should he interpret this? Her husband shouted out - "must have been the Greek Food" as they left the theater. Of course Craig followed with yes when in doubt "blame the Greeks! He has a nightly talk show from Los Angeles that we watch often. It comes on just before our local late night news and it is a great way to end the day with a good laugh. Thanks Craig for a very good show tonight!

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