Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Warm Humid Run

Craig running by me as I stop for the picture!

Wendy, myself and Craig starting up the Seymour Grind.

Craig and Heather

The green and humid West Coast Rain Forest in North Vancouver.

Great run today!! At last weekends party a few of us ultra runners committed to get out on some longer runs together in 2010. Well we started the year off right with a run today with Craig, Heather, Wendy and Neil and I. I was able to negotiate a somewhat later start time (9:30am) as Neil and I had an hour drive to the start. We met in Deep Cove in North Vancouver and ran the trails for 3 hours and 40 mins with some stops to talk to a few people we met along the way! Gilles, John, Karl and other crazy Club Fat Ass members started at 6AM to run 75km today. They do crazy things like this quite frequently! Perhaps because they can and a few of them are training for an upcoming 100 mile event in the USA. The weather here was very warm and humid today. We were all sweating so much. At first I thought it was related to the cold I have but the others were experiencing the same. You can see the humidity in the photos above! Last year at this time we were under feet of snow - it appears the snow decided to fall in the UK this year! On Graeme and Fiona's return to the UK they were stranded at Gatwick Airport for 48 hours waiting for a flight to Inverness. They never did get a flight but managed to rent a car and share it with complete strangers who were also desperate to get back to the Inverness area. I bet they now know each other well after 11 hours together in a car. ;-) I have enjoyed reading the WHW blogs about your outings in the snow, running to work and can empathise with the chaos the snow and ice can create. We are hoping for some white stuff to appear - the running snow shoes are waiting!
We made it through the first week back at work and school in 2010. I am doing a BioStatistics class this term which will fire up some areas of grey matter that have not been used of late. "A" in last terms research and survey methods class - I just about fell off my chair in my study when I saw that. Cheers!


  1. oh, I missed it. Hopefully I can partake in the next one. Went for a 90min walk today and Achilles is ok. Started heel drops and gym. Would like to start running this week....

  2. Sounds like you are good to go after that New Years Day 50km - Awesome!