Saturday, May 1, 2010

50 km in the Forest!

Today Wendy, Neil and I arrived at the Malcolm Knapp UBC Research Forest here in Maple Ridge for a 9AM start. We were determined to get another good long run in this weekend. Wendy is training for a 50 miler the same day as WHW. There are a few route options in this forest - there is a 10km loop that is popular for Ultra Runners to do loop repeats on (half up, half down) or a 25km loop that goes up, undulating and then down. We had discussed doing the 25km course and then adding in two 10 km loops. Wendy proposed the option of doing the two 10 km loops first and then head out on the 25km course. What wisdom she had!! After the two 10km loops (with a few km side trip to Loon Lake and onto the Loon Lake trail)we were still feeling good and after re-fueling at our drop bags we headed out in good form. It was about half way on the 25 km loop that "oh my I'm tired hits" and the only option is to keep going! With the help from some gels and our favourite sandwiches we were fueled and kept the run going! We were out there for a total of 5hrs 45mins. Not bad considering the terrain! In the photos you will see the deer behind me that greeted us at the forest edge first thing and the posts that have been scratched by something. At first we thought it was bears but then had a flash to Kitty's scratching post and realized it was most likely Cougars who use these sign posts as scratching posts. There were shavings at the bottom of the posts just like the cat scratching posts. We all stayed together for the rest of the run!! tomorrow we plan to do the first training run route of the Knee Knacker 50km - Canada's Knarliest Ultra in July. We have both done it a few times but like training on course as it is very course specific with the terrain. We won't make it for the 8am start but will join Craig and Heather for a more leisurely Sunday start.

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