Sunday, May 9, 2010

Squamish Training Run - 6 Hours

It was an early rise to get to Squamish by 9AM to meet up with Wendy for another LONG Run. The skies were clear and the forecast was for a warm spring day. Wendy very kindly did a drop bag full of fluids and goodies out on the route she had planned for today. We met at the Canadian Tire parking lot and headed out across the highway to run on the dyke that follows the river. We came upon the place where the annual Eagle count is done(the picture of Wendy and Neil). Wendy led us along some roads in Brackendale before we hit the immense trail network that Squamish has to offer. Once onto some open forest roads the signs of bear were every where. Perhaps more than one bear in the area with the piles of scat we kept seeing. The views were spectacular of the Tantalus Range and the trails were incredible. This area is very popular for mountain biking and Wendy took us on a new trail that the district has invested in. The bikes were just flying down and we had to swiftly jump out of the way. At about the 4 hour mark we came upon the drop bag Wendy had stashed in the woods. We had an incredible choice of water, Gatorade, coke, chips and cookies. Great trail food to fuel us for another 2 hours of some more of Wendy's favourite trails. We finished the route in 6 hours. We were all in good form but I did notice a bit of burning starting to happen on the bottom of my foot. This was my big big issue last year at WHW (team Ambrose I see you smiling!) So I must figure this out. Wendy suggested new socks for long runs and events. I am game to try that. We left Squamish to head back home to clean up for Carrie's 50th birthday party. We arrived a bit late but just in time to eat! It was nice to catch up with friends we haven't seen for a few months. Pat did an awesome slide show of Carrie's 50 years! Today we ran on our local hill behind us for about 1 hour. We were a bit pushed for time with it being Mothers Day here today. We had hoped to get to Mountain Equipment Co-op on our way to the family Mothers day celebration at Kendall's and Chris' but missed the opening hours. So I will be on a mission for new socks this week prior to Tender Foot Boogie 50km next weekend which goes from Squamish to Whistler. Appropriate name for me with my tender feet! Let's hope I can still Boogie!! Thanks Wendy for showing us such awesome Squamish trails!! Looking forward to the next outing!

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