Sunday, May 2, 2010

The First Knee Knacker Training Run

After running 50km's yesterday we had a bit of a sleep in and drove to the North Shore to do the route of the first training run for Knee Knacker. We missed the official training run but joined up with Craig and Heather for a good 2hr:45min outing. I felt strong and Craig commented a few times - how far did you run yesterday - you are doing good! It was good to get back on the Baden Powell trail. This section is really knarly - hence Canada's knarliest 50km event! It was raining and the roots and trail were quite slippery - caution was taken to avoid the dreadful wipeout. Including Friday night - that adds up to 10 hours of running this weekend. Planning another 50km long run next feels like the training is coming together.

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