Sunday, February 20, 2011

Snow Snow Snow!!

Today Craig, Neil, Liza, Dave and myself went as planned up Mt. Fromme for some snow shoeing. Wendy joined us at the start and waved us off as we started to get into deep snow. Wow...did we get into deep snow! We were breaking trail and trying to follow the trail markers up Mt.Fromme. We weren't having much success following the markers and soon realized many of them were below the snow! We were getting close to the top when we really lost the trail, made a few loops and retraced our own tracks in the snow to no where. I was starting to get cold with the slowing of the pace as we tried to find our way. What great trail buddies - offering up their spare gloves, hats etc...Once we picked up the pace I warmed up. We couldn't really find a route up so the guys decided the best way out was straight down the mountain with hopes of eventually landing on Mountain Highway. It was steep, it was deep, it was crazy!! I went down on my butt for most of the way! Thankfully we did eventually land on Mountain Highway. We had a challenge of crossing the ditch but eventually all of us were on the road. It was a nice run out back to the car. Another fun adventure with great company!

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