Friday, April 22, 2011

The First Bags in the 2011 Bagger Challenge!

Neil -running in Las Vegas.

The Ferry Ride to Bowen Island - Mt. Gardner in the background.

On the Ferry with my bike.

Running on the road on Bowen Island, looking for the trail for Mt. Collins

Honeymoon Lake - the watershed.

Bushwacking to Mt. Collins.

The sign at the start of the Mt. Gardner Trail

Going Up Mt. Gardner.

Neil and I at the Top!

Great views of Vancouver's coast line.

Another Great View.

Running Down Mt. Gardner.

Heading back on the ferry - 2 Bags Done!

Last weekend we had a quick trip to Las Vegas to participate in our niece's and husband to be - bachelor and bachelorette party! It was an action packed weekend with the bridal party and family - lots of good fun (and shopping). The girls had a visit to the spa at Caesars Palace and my new claim to fame is the lady who did my pedicure also does Celine Dion's! Neil and I did manage a quick 40 minute run on the Saturday morning dodging the crowds.
This weekend we both have 4 days off for Easter weekend and plan to catch up on some training! Today we did our first bags in the 2011 Bagger Challenge. We took our bikes to Bowen Island and bagged Mt. Collins and Mt. Gardner. It felt great to be out there and back bagging. Nothing like a big climb to get us moving again. Wow - I forgot how steep Mt. Gardner is - it's a great work out! Mt. Collin's was a bit of an ethical dilemma for us - ignoring the signs to stay out of the water shed area. Looking forward to tomorrow's training adventure. Weather forecast is good!

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