Sunday, April 10, 2011

Our Trail Companions are Back!!

This weekend we discovered Bear tracks and scat in our garden. They are back! We usually don't notice them until a little later in the summer. Last year when we were away for the West Highland Way a bear made itself comfortable on our front porch - just wanted to keep Craig company who was Kitty and house sitting. Today we were running at Hayward Lake and came across Cougar prints and fresh Cougar scat. A good reminder that we are not alone out there on the trails. Spring is here and so are our trail companions! The wasps will be next. ;-) Saturday Neil had a good run at the Diez Vista 50km Trail Race. My knee was still a bit tender last weekend for the registration deadline. It was feeling better on race day and I was a little disappointed I wasn't out there. After seeing Neil off at the start I joined Marilyn and Ron for coffee. Ron has accepted a teaching job in Saskatoon so we had lots to chat about over coffee. Neil and I lived there for 4 years when he was studying for his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine - so the chat brought back many memories (cold winters, static electric shocks, extension cords on cars, bugs in the summer, thunder & lightning, tornadoes, hail storms, lots of indoor exercise, great people!) I managed to fit in a run while waiting for Neil to finish and I did 3 repeats of a hill to test the knee - it felt fine. I made it to the finish line just in time to see the first runner come in.

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