Saturday, April 23, 2011

West from Grouse on the Baden Powell

Myself with Craig and Liza on the Baden Powell.

Lots of Deep Snow!

Working through the snow.

Craig and I on the Skyline trail.

Today Neil and I met Liza and Craig at Grouse Mountain to do a run on the Baden Powell. We decided to go West on the Baden Powell. This meant running down the hill to the Cleveland Dam - why didn't we park down there I asked? The climb out of Cleveland Dam on the BP is a good warm-up! It is up up up! We then went right on the Brothers Creek trail and ran into plenty of snow. The snow was perfect today for running on - not too icy - just the occasional post hole. We stayed on the snow for about 45 minutes and then decided to turn back. We took the Crossover trail to the Baden Powell, down the BP to Skyline trail which we then headed west to Cypress. We stopped for a bite to eat in the warm sunshine at the view point. Retraced our steps to the Baden Powell back to Cleveland and up the road to Grouse. I know now why we met at Grouse so we could do the nasty road up to Grouse when we were tired! Tired we were after yesterday's bagging and 5.5 hours today. Planning to get out again tomorrow for a few hours - wow I love these 4 day weekends. We knew we had to kick the training up and made minimal commitments for the weekend so we could do that. We have Vancouver 100km and West Highland Way 95 miles in June in our sights.

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