Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Baden Powell is WET!

Size 13 and Size 6

The crab technique to get over the water.

The dam at Mosquito Creek

Me, Marla, Liza and Craig

This week the email plans were to go from Cleveland Dam on the Baden Powell into the Cypress area to see the snow higher up on the Baden Powell trail. Neil, Craig, Marla, Dave (absent today) and I plan to sign up for the Vancouver 100km which takes place early June. Craig is actually the race director and rumour is that he needs to sign up too! The wet weather changed our plans to run with our Yak Tracks/Katoolas in the snow. It was raining and cold at the base of the mountain. Common sense prevailed and we decided that going too high up was not a good idea today! Neil, Marla and I met Craig and Liza at Cleveland Dam. We headed up the road to Grouse and continued on the Baden Powell in an easterly direction for 3 hours and then turned around. It had been a wet and cold morning on the trail but thankfully the sun came out briefly for our return trip. There was so much water on the trail. I have never seen it so wet. Craig showed us the dam on Mosquito Creek - the water was shear torrent here. We were out for 6hrs 15min today - great training run.


  1. It just makes me smile to see the pics of you guys on those trails having so much fun....would love to be there.
    I just said to Marie that I hope to get back into running shape and do maybe another ultra for my 65th.

  2. Awesome Goal Slipperman! Go for it!
    You could start your training by running for all the errands on the island. How many times around the island would make an Ultra?


  3. Well it would be about twice around the island for a 50k.
    Two years to train......haha. In the meantime I'll live through your adventures.