Saturday, May 28, 2011

Stayed Low - No Snow!

Liza and Neil checking out our route options.

Today was our last long run before Vancouver 100km next weekend. We all met up at Craig's at 10am - slight diversion on route due to the Lynn Valley Days Parade! A brief interaction with Wendy was a nice surprise. We seized the moment to discuss crewing for next weekend - it was brief but I'm confident we are under control. Dave and Craig were off to check out the snow conditions between Hollyburn and Cypress. Neil, Liza, Marla and I were keen to stay out of the snow knowing that we will have to do that section next weekend - twice! Liza had a good route in mind starting at the gate at Mtn Highway - that darn parade...the roads were all blocked. Quick change of plans to start in Deep Cove for an out and back for aprox 4 hours. We all agreed to meet at the Black Bear afterwards to discuss plans for next weekend. Neil and Liza put together a great route for us that kept us moving for 4.5 hours. The sun made an appearance which warmed up the air and brought on the sweat. Good reminder for us to drink more and take in those electrolytes! Craig reported back that the snow conditions were pretty well the same as the previous weekend. Vicky joined us to discuss the support plans for V100 - I think we have it all organized.

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