Sunday, May 1, 2011

Deep Cove to Lynn Canyon Return

Marla and I on the Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge - we don't really like it!

The view off the Bridge.

Marla and I coming up the Seymour Grind.

Saturday we had a good long run on the Baden Powell trail. We started at Deep Cove and turned around at Lynn Canyon. Trail companions were Dave, Marla, Neil and at the last minute Wendy was able to join us. I was a bit tired as we stayed up late watching the Royal Wedding that we had recorded the night before. We turned it off at 1am and still have more to watch! The temperatures were cool to start but the climbing out of Deep Cove quickly brought on the heat. Dave lead us out of Lynn Canyon and we were soon on the Dirty Duo route. I had no idea how that happened (not that familiar with the network of trails in this area) but it worked out nicely and we joined back onto the Baden Powell. We came upon the aid station set up that day for the North Shore Enduro which generously supplied us with some much needed Kokanee! Now that's a good aid station! We had some good laughs along the route. What happens on the trails...stays on the trails!;-) After the run we went for some well deserved sustenance at the Raven Pub in Deep Cove. We were a bit tight for time as we had a party to attend back in Maple Ridge but it all worked out. This morning we had an hour run at Hayward Lake then I went in to work and Neil cut the grass. Funny we were driving down the road for our run first thing, the neighbourhood watch dog asked Neil - "did you sell your lawn tractor"! Sign of an ultrarunner spending too much time on the trails rather than cutting the grass ;-)

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