Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Night Ride on the Seawall...keep going Marcothoners!

Today was a fun day of activity in Vancouver. We ran on the Baden Powell trail in North Vancouver for a couple of hours. We had a good climb out of Grouse with plenty of running time as well. I made my 25 minutes of Marcothon time - with plenty of time to spare. There are only a few days left in December for the Marcothon - I am predicting a strong finish for both myself and my running buddy Craig (who has moved to Kamloops and has faced some real severe cold weather challenges for the Marcothon - he has run every day in December as well!).
After the run, we walked to the post Christmas sales on Robson Street - it was busy. Neil found a book by a Scottish author that had been recommended by brother Graeme. It was the only copy in the store...good catch! After shopping fatigue set in we headed out for a bike ride on the sea wall with our city bikes that Santa Claus had brought us. We knew darkness was looming, Our new bikes are nicely equipped with good lights and we wore our headlamps that helped light the trail. It was a beautiful night in the park tonight and we observed several cars stopping to take photos of the city lights - I think as cyclists we are appearing in a few tourists photos! 
 Nice view over to Canada Place and the Convention Centre.
The bikes are great - they have the 29" tires instead of the usual 27". I think it just makes you work harder - which is actually a very good thing!
Keep it going Marcothoners ... we are almost there!

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  1. We're almost done December Carolyn. You're a great inspiration!