Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Outings and the Marcothon Continues...

I have really embraced the Marcothon this December. I've enjoyed adding longer runs during the week with being on vacation this last week. I am thinking of challenging myself to keep it up for the month of January - that is running at least 25 minutes every day and that does not include other activities or classes. We often have long outings on the weekends but miss a day or two during the week. We are signed up for TRX and Yoga again for the upcoming months and manage to get out for week day runs 2 -3 times during the week but making yourself run every day with our busy lives is the best challenge. I have really appreciated putting myself first for 25 minutes (at the minimum) each day. We had snow in Vancouver prior to Christmas but now the snow has melted and the temperatures have climbed making the mountains slushy with snow.
Here's a city view from downtown Vancouver.
I took this photo of Coal Harbour from the seawall during a seawall run one evening. It was dark but the flash brightened up the sky.

Fergus sleeping with his Santa toy. 

The snow and the lights at our house on the farm.

Our big tree in the garden with the snow and lights.
A snow run at night with Fergus.
An attempted snow shoe outing on Mt. Seymour - the trails were closed, the snow was slushy and wet.
A trip to the Santa Claus train in Stanley Park.
Shopping for accessory pillows - sending random texts to Kendall Ansell our interior designer for approval prior to purchasing. ;-) Check out Kendall's website at for all your design needs. She completely furnished our condo in Vancouver from a distance. Awesome job Kendall, we are loving it!

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