Sunday, April 19, 2015

Black Mountain from Nelson Creek

Today Neil and I met up with Kirsty and Glyn to hike up Black Mountain from Nelson Creek. It was good to catch up and reunite on the trails. Last summer we did several hikes together, Neil had mentioned to Glyn that this route would be a good stretch of the legs!
The hiking books rate this as: Difficult, 19km return, 1,184m (3, 884 feet) of elevation gain. 8 hours (we did it in 5hours with a good rest break at the top). We usually do this hike a couple of times a year as it features in a couple of local trail running events. It's a tough section for any event!
Lunch at the Top of the Bluffs on Black Mountain. The sun was warm and the visibility was good with views out to Vancouver Island. And the best bonus - no  BUGS! It's a little early in the season for the mighty black flies that make me react with swollen welts.
Glyn and I climbing - it is very steep! Very Steep!

Kirsty and I heading up the first scree field.
Looking forward to our next outing together.
 Here's Fergus cheering for the Vancouver Canucks. It is Stanley Cup Playoff time in Vancouver and ice hockey fever takes over the city.  Last year, Vancouver missed the Playoffs so there is much excitement this year as we take on arch rivals, the Calgary Flames in round 1. 
Go Canucks Go!


  1. A tough route you say? And no swollen welts? The Canucks should be so lucky.

  2. You know the route well VDM! It is tough and dodgy out there. Looking forward to seeing more of the route this weekend.