Sunday, April 12, 2015

Diez Vista 2015

Saturday was Neil's 10th running of the Diez Vista 50km trail run. This event 11 years ago was also our first Ultra Marathon. (It didn't take place one year) We were both signed up to do the event this year which Neil was determined to complete but closer to the date I got into the funk that I wasn't going to do it. I completed the Dirty Duo 50km (52km) in good form a month ago and had some good outings on the trails since but somehow was lacking the desire to do the Diez Vista. It's a tough one, and this would be my 5th completion. I had been on the event trails a few times this year but I wasn't feeling like I had done adequate training on the course. 

Something changed for my mindset on Thursday evening and all of a sudden I became so proud of Neil and I for the many ultra events (160 between us) we have both completed since the Diez Vista 11 years ago. We have accomplished many great achievements in the last 11 years since our first Ultra. What an opportunity to celebrate by doing the event together! 

My thoughts never darkened once I made the decision to run. We towed the start line together and we had a great journey.  I was full of positive thoughts throughout the event. The power of celebrating all the good things we have done together and the fortunate life we have together. I had some niggling foot issues but nothing I knew I couldn't work through with electrolytes and a little Vitamin "I". 

At the start line - Wendy the RD giving us some updates. 
Route changes!!...listening closely. 
The route changes made the new route calculated by one of the runners to be 52km and 8,103 feet of elevation gain, 16, 207 feet of elevation change. No wonder my quads are tender today!
This photo was taken on a long rocky stretch heading to the finish with about 8km to go and one final major climb remaining. 
I am proud of this ultra! Most for how the power of positive thinking can influence our successes. Today the Olympic Cauldron was lit in Vancouver.  Five years on from the 2010 Winter Olympics, it is only ever lit for special occasions.  In our own way, we took this as a symbol of our own successful and highly enjoyable completion of Neil's 10th Diez Vista and my 5th! 
Thank-you Wendy, fellow RD's and volunteers for making this another great Diez Vista! 


  1. Congratulations Neil and Carolyn. One more feather in your caps and lots to be proud of. There are some great challenges on that course.

  2. There sure was plenty of climbing. What goes up must come down!