Sunday, April 26, 2015

Vancouver 100 Training

Saturday Neil, Dave and I did a section of the V100 route that climbs from Cleveland Dam to Hollyburn Mountain. We went "up" for about 2 hours and then turned around. We were travelling in snow for a good portion of the outing. The snow was wet, slushy and slippery. Our feet were frozen!  There is presently more snow on the North Shore Mountains of Vancouver than there has been this entire winter!  What a crazy winter it has been. 
But lower down the daisies were flowering in the grass. Spring is here despite the recent snowfall in the mountains. 
Sunday Neil and I did another section of the V100 route from Deep Cove to Seymour Road. The first part of the trail was so busy with people going to "Quarry Rock" where there is a nice viewpoint over the water below. It wasn't that long ago that very few people hiked this trail but now it is very popular with tourists and locals alike. The trail erosion is quite bad. However, beyond Quarry Rock, the crowds disappeared. This was another outing with lots of climbing. The photo shows Neil at a new trail section that replaces the need to run down the road. It is longer and slower than if you took the road option but it keeps people off the busy road and this new section has been nicely constructed. Looking forward to more outings next weekend on the V 100 route. It is a tough one! 


  1. Keep up the good work Team Dodgy. Tough is in the mind and you are as tough as it gets!