Sunday, June 5, 2016

More km's on the Baden Powell Trail in the Heat!

Last weekend it was pouring rain and cold. Wow what a change! Today the temperature was 35 degrees C and hot hot hot! So hot we stayed home and puttered in the garden. It was a good rest day after Friday and Saturday's outings. 
Friday Neil and I started on the Baden Powell trail at Cypress Mountain parking lot and climbed up Black Mountain, continuing past the highest point to check snow conditions in the woods towards Eagle Bluffs. We found a few patches of snow but really very little given all the snow that was there just a few short weeks ago. Now, just mud remains!
We decided to turn around knowing we could get the Nelson Creek to Eagle Bluffs section next weekend on our final outing to complete the V100. We retraced our steps and continued past the parking lot at Cyoress through the "Enchanted Forest" to the top of the Hollyburn Chute. Then back the same way to the car at Cypress. A solid days work! 
The ski runs on Hollyburn were free of snow. We were expecting snow and slushy travels. What a pleasant surprise! 
The Hollyburn lodge is being rebuilt! As we approached the lodge we could hear saws and hammers wondering what the noise was. Looking forward to seeing the project completed. 
Saturday Neil, Dave and I started at Cleveland Dam to cover the section to the top of the Hollyburn Chute on the Baden Powell where we turned around the day before coming from the other direction. It was a good steady climb for 8km's and the return back down. We saw a few V100 participants in action along the way. Another good days work on the trails with the heat turning up! One more section to go to complete the 2016 Vancouver 100! See you next weekend Baden Powell Trail! Hopefully in a wee bit cooler temps! 


  1. You have a lovely blog. Here in Montreal, Canada, the temperatures are cooler (but certainly not cold right now), and I am enjoying the cooler temps. it gets extremely hot and humid here in the summer so I have to pick my days as far as my long walks in nature.

    1. Thank-you Linda! Glad you are enjoying my blog. Montreal is an amazing city. Hope the humidity isn't too high this summer so you can enjoy the outdoors. Take Care.

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