Thursday, June 30, 2016

Whistler Activities

Thursday night Dave, Craig, Neil and I met to do the Grouse Grind. It was the first of the season for us! The Grind is commonly referred to as Mother Natures Stairmaster. It is a 2.9km climb up the face of Grouse Mountain with an elevation gain of 2,800 feet. It's a tough workout! 
Friday evening we arrived in Whistler and had time to enjoy a nice bike ride on the bike paths. 
Saturday Neil and Dave participated in the 28 km section of the Tenderfoot Boogie trail race. Helen, Fergus and I cheered them in. Here's Fergus enjoying his time in Meadowpark at the finish.  
Sunday Neil and I went back to the start of the previous day's race to enjoy the trails in the area of Brandywine. The trails were so nice for running. Here's the actual Brandywine Falls. 
Nice views of Daisy Lake. 
We were not anticipating this but we actually came upon the Whistler Bungee  jumping spot. Caught this just as the guy jumped!  I could hardly watch! 
Monday we hiked to Garibaldi Lake in Garibadi Provincial park. There is a nice trail but the first 6.5 km are fairly steep switch backs. 20 km's return in 5 hours. 
Here's our selfie at the lake. 
The lake is almost at 5,000 feet and projects a beautiful turquoise color. 
Mt. Price towers over the lake. 
Heading back down. 
We just got back to the truck in time before a severe thunderstorm rolled through the Whistler area. A few forest fires were started by lighting in the area - yikes! It rained, it hailed, it was a nasty storm! 
The next morning was so calm. Fergus and I visited the lakes in the Whistler area. It was a hot one! 
We really enjoyed our days at Whistler! Looking forward to the next time. 

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