Monday, June 20, 2016

Whistler Weekend

Friday was a nice weather day in Vancouver. I enjoyed a run on the seawall which is a pathway that goes around Stanley Park and surrounding area. My Fitbit showed 10km when my outing was complete. 
The tide was out and the breeze was creating some small waves rolling in. 
Friday evening we travelled to Whistler and when we arrived the moon was just over Whistler mountain lighting up the sky and highlighting the snow. The night sky was so clear and the mountain air very fresh. 
Craig and Lynette were in Whistler for the weekend celebrating his birthday. We met for dinner on Saturday night and a hike to Cheakamus Lake on Sunday. 
Cheakamus Lake is a beautiful turquoise color. 
Early evening we had a doggy walk with Boe, Josh and Jody. 
It was so nice to see the dogs having so much fun together. The humans enjoyed it too! 
Today we decided to run and bike at Lost Lake park. The park has over 100 km's of trails that are for both bikes and walkers. We finished the outing with a light lunch on the Nicklaus North (golf course) patio. Nice way to end the weekend! 

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