Monday, March 30, 2009

Murphy's Law Monday!

Today was one of those Monday's where what could go wrong did go of those test days in life! Work was going fine until Neil realized he had my parking pass hanging from his truck mirror instead of my car. We swapped cars on Friday so he could take the Acura in for a service. Sure enough, a parking ticket stuck to my wind shield. $50 but $20 if I pay within 1 week. Next discovery, Neil does not have his wallet. He gave it to me last night on our way to the family party and then I left it in my vest pocket which was hanging over a stool in the kitchen! On our way to Trisch the trainer, the traffic was terrible with an over turned truck on route. The trainer was 20 minutes late. Once home tonight I found myself locked out of the house as Neil drove to the barn. I patiently waited for his return, hanging out in the garage! Just one of those days! It was a test!

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