Sunday, March 22, 2009

No Blogging - Computer Troubles - 2nd Ultra to Report!

Well as the title suggests...the lap top crashed, the world ended, and now we are back connected to the Universe! I'm sure many can relate to this! Last weekend was a lower mileage week with the anticipation of another upcoming Ultra. As I mentioned in one of my January blogs I suffered from a bad virus in December and January. During that time I visited the DR. and was referred for a lung function test. Well 3 months later, last Thursday I finally had an appointment for the test! I was "diagnosed" several years ago with exercise induced asthma and noticed an "allergic response" asthma in the last year. I use Ventolin prior to running and always cross my fingers each run hoping I will be able to breathe well each run. I guess you live and adapt to what is "normal" to your daily living. Rick, the Respiratory Therapist (also a runner!) had me do several tests of inhaling and blowing into a machine. I could tell immediately by the look on his face my results were not good. I was sent home with a number to call to join the Asthma Clinic at the local hospital and strict instructions on how to use the Steroid Inhaler AM and PM and he gave me a "chamber" for the Ventolin. He was not happy with my lung function capabilities! I happened to mention I was running a 50km trail run this Saturday and he highly recommended I do not run those distances until my irritated airways have improved through intense drug therapy. Wow...those are heavy words for an Ultra Runner to take in. I discussed the news with Neil and we decided to try the medication as recommended and see how I feel Saturday AM. The alarm went at 4AM Saturday morning for the trip across the border to the Chuckanut 50km trail run. It was clear and cold and I decided to give it a go. (As runners do!) The cold air was irritating to the lungs and I noticed my breathing was very shallow. Neil decided to stay with me for this one and packed the Inhalers! We enjoyed the drier conditions on the route than previous years and finished in 7:17, 10 minutes faster for me than last year. I was proud of this one with all things considered! After the run we were delayed at the border for 90 minutes coming back into Canada. Andy joined us in the "fun car" for the journey. We always enjoy his company and he is a very strong runner at the front of the pack! We went to an "after party" at Chad and Marla's where there was a large crowd wishing Mike well in his retirement and move to Gabriola Island. Mike is a great person and one of the original local running club members. Today Neil and I went out for 2 hours in Golden Ears Park. Beautiful spring weekend for running! Great mileage and a total of over 9 hours of running this weekend. We are doing a 50 miler in Sacramento in 2 weeks so we needed this mileage!

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