Monday, March 23, 2009

New Trainer!

Warren our trainer is moving back to Victoria. I have been training with Warren for several years now. I initially "won" 10 training sessions with him through the Knee Knacker. It has been a good relationship and I wish him all the best! Neil joined the training sessions the year he did his first 100 miler, Western States. Tonight we had our second session with Tricia his replacement. She has a business that focuses on training wanna be Police and Fire Fighters. She was once a member of the Vancouver Police Department herself. Perhaps Warren felt we needed a tough one like her to keep us humble! She also has some experience working with the Running Room so she has met Ultra Runners before. She was aware of the distances we ran on the weekend and actually had us email her yesterday how we were feeling so she could plan our session for tonight. Tonight she focused on the foam roller to provide the myofacial massage to our tight muscles. She spent the session having us stretch all body parts and reviewed stretching each others hamstrings and butt muscles. I think the discipline of stretching is one of the most difficult things for runners to do consistently. We are so good at planning and following through with activities but fall hard when it comes to stretching. Tonight we are planning our runs for the week and plan to fit in some longer runs mid week. This means planning ahead and working around other commitments. So glad the days are longer to accomodate for longer evening runs!

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