Monday, May 11, 2009

38 Days to West Highland Way!

Today I caught up on some WHW blogs and noticed John K's count of 38 days to WHW. So that means we are almost there with the training! Well I feel good! I have completed 5 Ultras in 8 weeks with the longest time being 11 hours and the shortest being 5:45. I have done high mileage most weeks and have 2 more events to complete prior to the event. I am pleased that nothing is really hurting, of course there are aches and pains that come and go but I have learned that this is to be expected. I am proud of our accomplishments to date considering everything else in our life at work and play. My biggest challenge has been my asthma and getting acquainted with the new medications. Some days have been absolutely terrible for running and some days have been great! The sudden onset of Spring has sent many people with allergies into a difficult state. I am proud that I kept up with the training despite the adversity some days. That is what it is all about...facing the challenges to perform in the storm! Neil was talking with Graeme on the weekend working out the car situation for the finish at WHW. We are so fortunate to have family there to help with the planning, crewing and lots of encouragement along the way. Graeme is planning to run some of the course (after 50 miles) with us and was asking Neil about the pace. No worries Graeme, I will be moving forward but I have no doubt that you will be able to keep up! Fresh legs versus 50 mile legs, no concerns for you! We are participating in a running "bonkfest" on Saturday, do as many loops until you crash/bonk! Stay tuned for the report! It must be good for us! :)

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