Monday, May 25, 2009

Neil's Birthday Weekend!

Wow the weekend went fast! Friday night we ran for 1hr, 20 minutes. Saturday we had planned for about a 3 hour run. The alarm went off Saturday morning and we both had a difficult time waking up. It was a beautiful sunny day here but both of us were feeling quite tired. It was Neil's 45th Birthday! Happy Birthday Neil! After much deliberation we decided to not run Saturday due to the tired feeling and the desire to stay home! This was the first Saturday we have not run since Christmas! Yep...we deserve the day off! We enjoyed the day around the house and garden. Sunday we were now motivated and energized to head to North Vancouver to participate in the Knee Knacker training run. They are organized training runs for the Knee Knacker, 30 mile event that takes place on July 11th this year. We did the last 25km of the route. It is Canada's knarliest trail run full of roots and rocks! It was a great outing to catch up with trail friends. I ran the majority of the route with Craig, we often end up running together at these training runs due to our similar pace and we always have good conversation along the way. I think Craig is heading for a PB this year at the Knee Knacker, there were lots of strong moments for him out there! Neil ran the majority of the route with Phil who is originally from England and always has lots of interesting trail news. Sunday night Chad and Marla hosted a group of us, many who had just had birthdays. It was great to catch up with everyone and we had some really good laughs over some very funny birthday cards that were shared. Tonight we ran a good route after work for about 1.5 hours. The Grouse Grind, a steep climb up Grouse Mtn is now open (clear of snow!) so we are hoping to add this to our training over the next few weeks. Tonight we enjoyed viewing photos of sections of the West Highland Way taken by John K who did 2 days of good running on the route. Looking forward to the journey on the WHW, it is going to be a fantastic experience travelling through some magnificent Scottish scenery. We are getting excited about the trip!

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  1. Glad you enjoyed the photos. You'll be seeing it for yourself soon enough! Let's hope the weather is a bit better.

    John K