Saturday, May 9, 2009

Volunteer Day

We were quite stiff and tired from Elk Beaver most of the week. Despite the tight hamstrings I managed to get out after work 4 nights. Today we volunteered at a local race in Golden Ears Park. We did the "pre-sweep" which means we set out at 6AM to make sure the course markers are in place. Unfortunately someone had a party in the park last night and removed the markers/arrows and placed them in the wrong direction. We tried to correct the markings but due to 2 distance events and it was a critical junction for the runners we wisely sent one of the 3 of us back to inform the race director who sent out the person responsible for the course. Apparently the markers had been moved so much the runners would have kept running in a circle in the woods. This finding slowed us up so Neil and I pushed on to complete the 16km course so we could be back in time before the official start time. After the pre-sweep we volunteered on the road stopping traffic as needed to let the runners cross the road. We were also signed up to do the "post-sweep" but a group of women were insistent they wanted to do it. Oh well, Neil and I ran back to our car (5km) which gave us a total of 21km today. Tomorrow we plan to head out early to do a loop of Hayward prior to hosting a "Mothers Day" barbeque.

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