Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Combination of a Big Hill and the Flat Dykes - 6 hours

It was a warm weekend! High of 27 degrees. Saturday AM we went up Alouette Mountain starting at UBC Research Forest. We were certain there was to be a Bear sighting in the journey by the many piles of Bear scat we encountered. We did not see any but perhaps they saw us! We ran to the Lookout from UBC which is a runnable gradual climb for about 10km before turning around. We were really sweating with the climb in temperature. We reminded each other to take some "S" caps...Succeed Caps that are salt and other electrolytes. We discovered them the year Neil did Western States, they were his life saver in the heat! Not sure if we will require that many along the WHW journey with the temperature most likely not to be too warm. I think we will still take a few to accommodate for the sweating anyways. Sunday we ran on the flat dykes in Pitt Meadows for 2 hours. It is a good iPOD run! Marilyn and Ron came out and joined us on their bikes. We all went for coffee after despite all of us chatting about the chores we really should be home doing! Tonight Neil and I might head out for a quick run to make it another "double run" day. We were both really tired this past week. I think it is normal at this stage in the training. We have one more 50km event next weekend...or we have the option of doing the 50 mile event. Hmmm...our friend Andy is doing the 50 miles. If we do the 50km and he does the 50 miles we should all be done about the same time. Andy is a fast runner! We haven't signed up yet so will make a decision in the next day or two. We are practicing with the video option on our camera so we can capture the journey on the WHW. Enjoy!

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