Sunday, August 30, 2009

Coliseum Mountain (1441m) and Mount Burwell (1541m)

Neil, Glenn and Ean

Saturday morning the phone rang early - it was Ean Jackson inviting Neil on a "bagger" outing with the guys. A bit short notice as Neil would need to leave ASAP to join them in North Vancouver. Plan B - Sunday he could join Ean and Glenn to conquer 2 Peaks in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, the same area where we went last weekend. Saturday we ran 20 km at the UBC Forest repeating our favourite 10km loop 2 times. Sunday Neil's alarm went at 5:30AM to get to Ean's house by 7AM. I enjoyed my sleep in and went for a run mid morning on the dykes for 2 hours. I ran into a colleague of mine and her husband riding their bikes - I am going to Maxine's on Wed evening for her annual "Dahlias and Dessert" party where we all pick the Dahlias from her flower garden, drink wine, eat dessert and have a great girls night out. The outing that Neil went on was to be aprox 4 hours (they had read that somewhere) but it turned into a 6.5 hour outing. All was fine with the exception of them running out of water for the last hour or so. Some great pictures from the peaks - Neil commented that they could smell the smoke from forest fires. British Columbia is experiencing many fires currently. Next weekend we are planning a day trip to Kamloops for a 54km run but the race director has warned us all of the heavy smoke in the area with several fires burning close by. My lungs won't like that! Officials may roll out a complete back country ban which means no access to trails in BC! This is to keep the human activity down that contributes to the fires although many are also caused by lightning. 4 years ago we had a back country ban and we all took up the sport of road running!
Tomorrow I am off work and heading up Burnaby Mtn to visit Simon Fraser University to pick up my required textbooks. The University is located at the top of a Mtn and apparently has several running trails that I look forward to discovering! I think I will do another climb up the Grouse Grind tomorrow.


  1. Careful. SFU are world pipe band champions. You'll be visiting Scotland twice a year. June for the WHW race and August for the WPB Champs.
    Or we could have you piping the start through the underpass!!!

  2. That's good! Yes I could represent the SFU Pipe Band although I may not make them look like World Champs. :-)