Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekend Of Celebration!

Kitty on Ron's lap - Are they both asleep?

Neil presenting Andy with his belt buckle from Stormy 100 miler. Andy placed 2nd!

This weekend was one of celebration. On Saturday morning I drove to UBC Golf Club to attend a celebration of life - Dr. Tom Mock's memorial service. I met up with Marilyn and Ron prior to the ceremony. It was well attended and very well done. He was an academic who touched the lives of many - including his students in medicine who did a very nice speech representing their present and past classes. I saw several past co-workers - funny how these events bring people together. I left to return home for final preparation for a summer party Neil and I were hosting. We had arranged the date awhile back when we could all get together. There were many events to celebrate one of which was the West Highland Way. Several people brought pictures they had formatted to video of their summer vacations. Europe featured a few times with Anke, Chad and Ron all having special family trips this year. We also compiled a video of all the running events and outings we completed this year. Neil presented Andy with his belt buckle from Stormy 100 miler that he came second in last weekend. Andy went home to bed after the 100 miler - so Neil and I brought the buckle home for him. Last night was a beautiful clear evening and with the patio heater going we were able to stay outside visiting until 1AM. It was great to catch up with everyone and good fun was had by all!
Today Neil and I went for a great run locally. Up the Horse corral, up the Incline trail, down the Eric Dunning, along the Mike Lake road, up the Menzies trail to the look out, Valley trail back to the car. 2hrs 15minutes. I really enjoyed it - no pressure to get home for another commitment - no thoughts about the next event - just purely pushing hard and having fun. I tried on the down hill to improve my pace. Relax and not over-think the technical sections - something I want to work on. Any great down hill tips out there??

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