Sunday, August 23, 2009

Lynn Creek

Today we joined some members of Club Fat Ass for an outing in North Vancouver. David Crerar who also did the WHW organized the outing. Marilyn, Ron, Neil and I went out for dinner last night after a bike ride. We had lots of fun...I noticed that other tables were noticing the laughter coming from ours! We were later than anticipated getting home so the sleep was short last night for an early rise to get to North Van for an 8AM start. David was just finishing the description of the route when we arrived - something about a cougar and 2 "kittens" spotted in the area a couple of days ago. Yikes! A cougar is a trail runners biggest threat in this area, we have plenty of bears but the cougars will stalk a runner and can kill with a single swipe. A bear attack is bad news too but the bears tend to run away from humans unlike the cougars who tend to stalk and attack the humans. A cougar with 2 "kittens" would have been a spectacular sighting but a very scary one too! We enjoyed the trail that followed Lynn Creek. It was deep in the woods but we saw quite a few people due to the population in this area. Where we live we are often the only car in the parking lot and may not see another human for many outings. We took a side trail to Norvan Falls and went over a very well constructed suspension bridge. It was great to catch up with some Club Fat Ass runners. We had a good chat with Ean Jackson - always entertaining! We were exploring the area for about 3 hours. On the way home we stopped at several furniture stores looking for a desk for me. I start the Masters of Public Health program at Simon Fraser University in a couple of weeks and will need my student spot at home. Found a desk and a side table that should be just fine!

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