Monday, August 3, 2009

Sunday Outings!

Pitt lake from the bike path - it is a tidal lake. Beautiful night for a bike ride!

Today we went back to the same 10km loop we did yesterday but added one more loop to make it 30km today. I felt good but my breathing was not great - poor air quality due to the heat and forest fires. Tonight we met Marilyn and Ron for a bike ride on the Pitt Meadows dykes for a bike ride (1hr 15 mins). We took a dyke path that led us to a view of the forest fire burning across the lake. We could smell the fire - tragic - it is burning close to the fishing lodge. After the bike ride we went to the local pub for supper. 4.5 hours of exercise that is better! Marilyn also had some sad news to share. A previous colleague of mine Mary-Anne, lost her husband Tom on Saturday. He passed away in his sleep - 48 years old, healthy, active...autopsy to be done in the next few days. Tragic...too many great people have passed away lately. Dario, the Maple Ridge doctor, my colleagues sister, the good friend of a friend and now Tom.

Tomorrow is BC day (statutory holiday) so we plan to run for a couple of hours at Hayward lake. Nothing like a bit of last minute training for a 50 miler! :)

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