Saturday, October 31, 2009


Today was October 31st - HALLOWEEN! Where those who are inclined get dressed up in their favourite costume and Trick or Treat or attend parties! We had a few party options but chose to stay home tonight. We had been in Calgary Wed - Friday where I was speaking at a Public Health Conference. Unfortunately I came down with H1N1 earlier in the week with thankfully fairly mild symptoms of a cough, tiredness, and shivers. I missed one day of work but really wanted to make my speaking engagement. Neil came along as he has clients in the Calgary area. It was cold in Calgary but we did get out for a run Thursday evening on a bike trail along the freeway. The prairie provinces are always interesting to visit - usually the weather dominates the interest! We arrived in Vancouver last night to a horrendous rain storm to drive home in. Overnight the skies cleared and we had a beautiful run on a local trail for a couple of hours, the Maple Trees are looking bountiful in colour and the trails are covered in the fallen leaves. Another highlight this week was the lighting of the Olympic Torch with the Vancouver Officials in Greece and the torch was flown to Victoria for the start of the Torch Relay which will travel throughout communities across Canada. Olympic Fever is here! (or is it H1N1?) Today Neil and I submitted our entries to the West Highland Way Race...WOW!Exciting! A great goal for 2010! A new procedure is in place so we will wait and see the outcome! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! And a bonus extra hour of sleep for us tonight as we "Fall" back our clocks!

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