Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hazards on the Trails in Scotland





The weather was quite nice today in Edinburgh. We decided to go for another run (despite it being close to the WHW) It's amazing with the jet lag how it can take a few days to feel normal. I have heard 1 day for each hour and we are 8 hours difference in time and sure enough we are starting to feel "normal". A run seemed like a good idea and both Neil and I really enjoyed our outing on the Pentlands from Colinton for about 1.5 hours.

After the run we made a trip to Morrison's to buy supplies for the WHW. Neil really enjoyed the biscuit selection and chose some of his childhood favourites! We went to Tiso's Outdoor Store to stock up on fuel for our camp stove as the weather forecast is for rain so warm soup may be a hit not only for the runner but crew as well.

We had a family dinner in Colinton at Dante's which we all really enjoyed. Charles had recorded the final game of the National Hockey League Stanley Cup Game - the Vancouver Canucks versus the Boston Bruins. The game was in Vancouver - huge excitement for the city. Emails and texts were buzzing on the phone in the middle of the night - the Boston Bruins won - what a let down for Vancouver after all the hype. Unfortunately there was a lot of rioting in Vancouver after the loss with over 100 arrested. We really are peaceful folk! ;-)

Charles and I were planning our timing as crew and plan to get out for a bit of exercise during the event. There is one section where we can not access Neil for several hours.

For the finish we have 2 nights booked in a hotel in Fort William of which we will most likely arrive a little late on the first night! The family was planning a family outing on Sunday. I heard perhaps an early rise...and a climb up?? There is a prize giving at noon on Sunday and a party at the Ben Nevis Pub that we plan to attend. Anyone out there know approximately what time the gathering at the pub starts? Back to Edinburgh Monday - then fly home Tuesday.


  1. Watch out for those sheep!
    Good luck in the Race.

  2. Good Luck Neil and Crew. We are following you from Port Moody and Saskatoon.