Thursday, June 23, 2011

Recovery Outing!

On Sunday after the prize giving Graeme and Fiona joined us in Fort William. We went for a walk/run in Glen Roy. It was a beautiful day for an outing on the hills. Perhaps it was a bit mean to drag Neil up there but he did opt for the lower walking route. Sunday night we had a great time at the pub catching up with others at the WHW party. Monday we drove back to Edinburgh and we departed on Tuesday. There was a security breach at Edinburgh airport just as our flight was about to leave. They evacuated the terminal and those of us on planes had the pleasure of disembarking and going through security again. Many people missed their connecting flights in London - we did make our flight back to Vancouver. Race/crewing report to come! Neil captured some great video clips along the WHW and the crew have some spectacular photos to share as well! Stay tuned!


  1. Glad you made it home.

    It was great to meet you both at the weekend.

    Congrats on a great run and I look forward to the report, video and photos!

  2. Congratulations Mr. Neil Fatass and faithful crew Carolyn. Looking forward to the report.

  3. Thanks for your cheers. Looking forward to reading the report and seeing the video xx