Wednesday, June 15, 2011

St. Andrews

Neil and I on the beach at St. Andrews

St. Andrews Club House

Neil's Dad and I along the path of the first tee.

The remains of St. Andrews Cathedral

Where Kate met William for Coffee

Royal Air Force Fighter Jet from Leuchars RAF Base.

Today we took Neil's Dad on a road trip to St. Andrews. We always ask him where he would like to go for a day trip when we are here - this trips choice was St. Andrews. There is a family grave in the cemetery in Leuchars which is close by. So first stop was the cemetery in Leuchars. There is a Royal Air Force Base here and wow did we get a demonstration of fighter jet flying. They flew single and in pairs the entire time we were there. A reminder of the incredible speed and power of aviation. Neil brought me to St.Andrews on my very first trip to Scotland 22 years ago - so it was nice to visit again.

It was busy when we arrived and we were lucky to find a parking spot on the street. We walked to the remains of St. Andrews Cathedral. Along the way we noticed a coffee shop advertising "where Kate met William for coffee" in the window. For those of you who don't know...both Kate and William attended St. Andrews University.

We had lunch on the University grounds and then walked down to the home of golf, the Royal and Ancient and the Old Course, St. Andrews. It was really something to see the golfers tee off on the first hole of the old course. Some were definitely better than others!

We walked on to the beach and enjoyed the sand and the sea breeze. There is a mile of sand beach and we noticed a few runners heading out along the beach.

On the drive home we took the coastal route which was really nice. The rolling green farmlands and views of the coast were spectacular. The Ambrose side of the family has deep roots in this area of Scotland.

For those of you who don't already know - I am in the crew car for Neil this year. Eldest brother Charles and I are on to make it a great race for Neil. Neil has done it with me 2 years in a row and this year is his turn! You may have noticed on my blog that last weekend (or the last time we were in Vancouver) we completed Vancouver 100 together. That was the deal! He did V100 with me and I helped crew for him for WHW. I have completed WHW 2 years in a row (which is a challenge when you come from Canada) and now will have the opportunity of seeing the route from the road and crewing! Neil has been awesome helping me complete my Ultra goals - this one is for him! (No pressure Neil...just do your best!) I look forward to cheering all the runners on.

Cheers from Edinburgh!

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