Sunday, August 28, 2011

20 Miles in London


It's amazing what jet lag will do for you! We woke quite early in London and were ready to head out for the day. We had pre-planned a 20 mile running route while we were here. There was no hesitation - we filled our hydration packs, put our packs on and were out the door. The route took us through Hyde Park, Holland Park, down Earl's Court Road, over to Battersea Bridge, Battersea Park (nice park!), over the Chelsea Bridge, along Grosvenor Road to the Vauxhall Bridge, back to the South Side and the Albert Enbankment. We followed the South Bank all the way to Tower Bridge passing the Houses of Parliament, London Eye, Tower of London and lots of tourists. Over Tower Bridge to the Victoria Embankment walkway to the Houses of Parliament where we picked up Bird Cage Walk, passed Buckingham Palace to Grosvenor Place to Wellington Arch where we started 20 miles before. The body is feeling like this road and concrete is going to hurt tomorrow!

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  1. Nice pictures and a nice run too. Well done.