Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Bike Ride in Tuscany, a Visit to Siena.

The temperature felt cooler when we set out for a bike ride this morning - it didn't take long for the air to warm up and so did we with all the hills we set out to conquer! The bikes had quite heavy tires which made the hills a little more challenging. We managed fine and did not have to get off to push although when we were going down a large hill section I had little faith that I could ride back up. Amazing how if you use the gears in a timely way you can get to the top! It was so peaceful and the scenery spectacular to ride a bike here in Tuscany. It was hard work and very hot but well worth the effort!

We showered up and then drove to the city of Siena. We had a few challenges finding a place to park the car and almost went in on the "Exit" in a parkade which provided some entertainmnet for the locals! First stop, Piazzo Del Campo for a cold drink. It was spectacular to sit and watch the lively Piazzo filled with people and activity. It is a fan shaped sloping wide open space that is home to the biannual Palio horse race. Next stop the Duomo, passing many nice shops along the way. The Duomo is a massive Gothic cathedral which has many pieces of art. It was hot so our inside visit was brief. The rest of the time was spent enjoying walking the streets of Sienna. We bought local bread, cheese, olives and wine for a simple but venerable feast back at San Felice where we discussed plans for tomorrow's Tuscan adventure!

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  1. Great pictures! I'm so jealous. I love Siena. Strangely enough, it's what I thought Florence would be like.
    Enjoy your trip
    Debs M-C xx