Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Good to be Back Under the Tuscan Sun!

Some of the Grapes here at San Felice.

Running the road here in Tuscany - nice!

Grapes ripening!

The view from our room at San Felice.

The Notting Hill Carnival.

Yesterday in London we took in the Notting Hill Carnival. We put our packs on and ran in the direction of Notting Hill, as we approached it became apparent that the police were plentiful and perhaps we should stop running through the crowds. There were thousands of police officers and the crowd was fairly well behaved despite the open street drinking of alcohol and the popularity of the Rum Punch and Red Stripe beer! The roar of the police helicopter overhead played a heavy presence on the crowds. We didn't sty long but it was interesting to experience the street party. We then went on to enjoy dinner at "Jamie's Italian" in Covent Garden. Both the food and the atmosphere were great. Today, it was an early rise to catch our flight to Florence. We have 5 days at an incredible winery/hotel in Tuscany. We picked up a car at the Florence Airport - the drive was crazy despite the GPS trying to tell us the way! We went wrong at some point but eventually arrived at our destination. It was a warm day in Tuscany 33 degrees when we arrived. After becoming acquainted with the property we set out for a drive to pick up the essentials for the room. Prior to dinner, we went for a run on the road passing the burgeoning grape vines that are loaded with deep purple grapes as the approaches. Olive trees compete for space amongest the vineyards and they too bear a heavy crop of delightful promise! Nice challenging hill to run back to the hotel and then onto dinner at the hotel. Outdoor dining - very posh, nice food, great service and lovely setting. Tomorrow we plan to go to Siena - hopefully the drive and parking the car will be OK!

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