Tuesday, August 9, 2011

STORMY Route Revisited and Three Bags (Fromme, Dam and Little Goat)

This weekend we had 2 good days of outings. Saturday - Dave, Liza, Neil and I drove to Squamish to revisit the STORMY course. This was an Ultra event that we have enjoyed participating in the last few years. I have completed the 50 mile event 3 times and the 67 km distance twice. Unfortunately the event did not happen this year. It was nice to go back to the route and do a portion of the course (27km). Sunday we bagged 3 peaks in the Grouse Range - Fromme, Dam and Little Goat. I couldn't believe the amount of snow remaining. There is so much snow it probably won't all melt this year. There were a few frightening moments in the snow. I was glad to hit the bare trail when we were down.

Grinder the Grizzly Bear in the habitat on Grouse.

The top of Mt. Fromme. Me, Wendy and Dave.

A view over to Grouse Mtn from Mt. Fromme.

Coming off the top of Dam Mountain - steep and slippery! We put our Yak Traks on and they really helped.

The top of Little Goat

Going down from the top of Little Goat. Nice views of Crown Mountain and Camel Mountain. We climbed Crown last year - perhaps a bit too much snow right now to get there.

Lots of snow! Note the trail marker.

Wendy and I getting close to the top of Dam (retracing our steps)the other route was too dangerous.

I Made it!

We noticed this sign on our way back. We missed it on the way out!

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